Maintenance & Care

Tile are in fact, low-maintenance and are easy to take care of overtime. Keep debris such as sand and dirt off the floor as they can be abrasive to tile floor surface. On a weekly basis, regularly vacuum, sweep and mop will allow to reduce from surface scratching over time. With occasional spills, it is advised to wipe them up immediately using a sponge, with soap and water mixture. It is important to understand qualities of different types of tiles, in which cleaning a glazed tile is different to the process to maintain unglazed surfaces. Fortunately, both methods are similar and easy to maintain so we summarized these simple tips for you below. 

General Maintenance
These tiles require minimal maintenance with regular vacuuming and mopping. In a busy household with children and pets and general commercial areas may require daily maintenance. Processes of cleaning glazed ceramic or porcelain tiles will vary accordingly to amount of foot traffic in the household or commercial areas. Here are tips for maintenance and care: 

Sweep floors with a soft broom
Vacuum when needed
Immediately wipe up spills or containments
Mop floors with solution of warm water and neutral cleaner
Frequent combination of light sweeping and microfiber mop
Use gliders under moving furniture
Avoid dropping heavy objects onto tiles

    The overuse of acidic cleaning materials can diminish the shininess of surface or produce a haze on top. It is recommended that solution is to be highly diluted with warm water to prevent this from happening. Check the back of your cleaning detergents if they are suitable for floor tiles.

    In high-traffic areas and wet areas, place walk-off mats and area mats at entryway. Both will collect dirt and dust from shoes that would otherwise reach the floor. Regularly, both should be shaken out to remove excess debris. Moving furniture onto a tiled surface should be handled with consideration and care, as dragging across the floor can result in permanent surface scratches. You may want to consider installing feet protectors to ensure the longevity of tiles.