Tile Installation

Prior to Installation
You discuss the requirements and design of your job clearly, if there is any waterproofing required before installment of tiles with the tiler. Include any special arrangements in the contract, such as aftermath cleaning.

You or your representative must understand that tile product should be inspected upon delivery and before tiling. Arrange your tiles before tiling and delivered ahead of time. Ensure that there are sufficient tiles and wastage as there can be no guarantees that extra tiles of same colour and shade in a batch be supplied. Please note that shade variations and subtleties are inherent in all kiln fired clay products, in which each batch will have varying slight differences. The differences in shade are not obvious. 

It is recommended that a small quantity of extra tiles are kept in storage once the job is finished. It can be difficult to match tiles if repairs are necessary.

    During Laying
    As tiling commences, ensure that tiles are mixed between three or four different boxes so as to ensure proper blending of any slight colour variation that may appear as a result of firing in the kiln. Hidden areas (under stoves, fridges, sink, mirrors) or detached areas are tiled last so that if extra tiles are required, batching will not be as important as visible tiled areas. 

    In rare cases in which any doubt arises as the job progresses, immediately stop tiling and contact FINN Tiles before proceeding any further. Please be aware that fixing of the product constitutes acceptance of the product, in which refunds and exchanges become null and void. 

    After Laying
    Cleaning is the final step of the installation process. Ensure that all waxes, grout and residues are removed from surface of tiles. The tiler or yourself may require to dust any excess grout leftover as part of the grouting process. Dust the tiles with a clean dry rag and sweep the residue. 

    This information above is to be used as a guide only and should not be taken to constitute professional advice or a formal recommendation.